Elimination of Hunger & Poverty

1. Food and income programme

The Issue

Increasing population pressure and reckless use of land in rural areas in Igbo land is reducing the amount of land available for food production. This results in the overuse of the land and lower crop yields, and contributes to a cycle of hunger, poverty and violence.

Our response

We have developed a way to reverse this cycle by using the age grade system (an inherent social structure within many communities in Nigeria) and other grassroots and self-help groups to mobilize communities to take greater responsibility for the efficient use of land, for the acquisition of inputs they need for agricultural production and the facilities they need for food processing and marketing.

Our major promoted products and services are; Vitamin A Cassava stems and products, Vitamin A Maize seeds and products, Improved Okro varieties, Improved Cucumber varieties, Fertilizers, Weed control services, Food processing equipments, Trainings.

You can reach us at; 08035927419; www.foodandincome.net

2. Microcredit Project

3. Microcredit Guarantee Scheme Bill.

Click here to view the bill (pdf).

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